Sir Aled

Paladin under a curse and appears to be an orge


Sir Aled remembers nothing from is past life. He only recalls details from just under a year ago when he awoke in the forest and found himself with the appearance of ogre. The one undisputed fact he does lay claim to from his former life is being a Paladin. Sir Aled conducts himself in the most upright and chivalrous manner befitting a member of a Paladin order.

The past year was tough for him living in the wilds and repeatedly unable to talk to anyone from the civilized races, who either fled or attacked on sight. He finally made friendly contact when he flagged down a fellow paladin of Pelor Armagus. He is currently living in the temple of Pelor in Fallcrest. The clerics are trying to undo the curse.

Sir Aled

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